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What’s next for Malcolm Turnbull?

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he won’t stand for the Liberal leadership again if an expected party room meeting on Friday agrees to spill the leadership. Here’s what’s going to happen next: ● A party room meeting will be called for Friday at noon if the prime minister receives a letter with 43 Liberal MP signatures asking […]

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How many taxis can scan a city? Fewer than you’d think

Just 10 taxis equipped with mobile sensors can survey a third of Manhattan’s streets in a day, inexpensively gathering valuable data about factors such as air quality, street conditions and bridge stability to provide an accurate and timely snapshot of a city’s health, according to a new study.       The researchers also found […]

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Researchers creating catalyst to improve jet biofuel production

Efforts to create an environmentally friendly catalyst that will lower the cost and increase the efficiency in producing bio-based jet fuels has netted Washington State University researchers a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and National Institute of Food and Agriculture. WSU Tri-Cities associate professor Hanwu Lei and his research team aim to develop […]

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Ancestral people of Chaco Canyon likely grew their own food

Researchers think they have a better understanding for how ancient North Americans thrived for centuries in northwestern New Mexico’s arid desert. A multidisciplinary team of experts from the University of Cincinnati determined that the sandy soils of Chaco Canyon were not too salty to grow crops such as maize, beans and squash for the more […]

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Mick Bourke is this week’s Rapala Catch of the Week winner with this 65cm snapper.

What’s biting this weekend

CABBAGE baits are tempting drummer from the ledges at the northern end of Spoon Bay. Bream are grabbing live nippers at the Ladders near Lobster Beach. Alex Bellissimo guided Billy Zang to a feed of snapper off the cliff tops at Warriewood. Distance casting with salted slimy mackerel fillets, the best of the snapper hit […]

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As Oceans Warm, Microbes Could Pump More CO2 Back Into Air

The world’s oceans soak up about a quarter of the carbon dioxide that humans pump into the air each year — a powerful brake on the greenhouse effect. In addition to purely physical and chemical processes, a large part of this is taken up by photosynthetic plankton as they incorporate carbon into their bodies. When plankton die, they sink, taking the carbon with […]

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Farmers are desperate for some rain. Picture: Jenny Evans

Light rainfall not enough for desperate farmers

THE Lampe family scrambled to pack up their campfire dinner on Friday night when a dazzling display of lightning on the horizon seemed certain to douse the flames and drench the kids. Hail pelted down in Narrabri’s main street, which sent diners ducking for cover, but 15 minutes’ drive north the Lampes begrudgingly unpacked their […]

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Newlyweds Jordan Feeney and Matthew Tuit at their reeption. Picture: AAP / Brenton Edwards

Lovebirds start 2019 with fireworks

Jordan and Matthew Tuit will always have fireworks on their wedding anniversary. The pair tied the knot at Adelaide Botanic Garden on Monday afternoon. Mrs Tuit, 30, said her husband, 34, suggested they marry on New Year’s Eve after an uneventful night last year. “I think we’ve gotten to the age where all of our […]

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Mexican cycling team members dining at Mexican Society. Picture: Naomi Jellicoe

Heat may force TDU changes

Tour Down Under officials will meet with a teams and riders representative in Adelaide on Saturday to discuss contingency plans for the first two stages of next week’s race as they brace for 40C-plus temperatures. They will consider shortening the stages — like the past two years at Lyndoch and Victor Harbor — or starting […]

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